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10+ Reasons to Choose Smartaupairs & End of Month Offer!
At the smartaupairs office, we are busy preparing for the “big arrival” of au pairs – we have nearly 100 au pairs arriving in turn of August and September alone!

If you have not yet found the right au pair, or are still considering your childcare options - please give us a call on 0800 917 81 66 and we can talk you through what the au pair programme can offer for you!

Why choose Smartaupairs?

At smartaupairs, we go the extra mile, providing extra support and information both for the family and au pair at all stages - from initial enquiry to welcoming the au pair as part of your family.

As a host family, you will benefit from:

1. Our extensive knowledge & expertise in cultural exchange. Click here to see the smartaupairs team

2. Individual consultation call to establish your exact needs and requirements

3. Handpicked selection of suitable au pair candidates, accessible through easy to use online shortlist. 

4. Wealth of information on each candidate introduced, including full background checks & references – we  conduct a separate interview with our candidates and all notes are viewable for you as part of the candidate profile. Most candidates also have a special video introduction for you to view.

5. Interview guidelines and sample interview questions

6. Aftercare & Guarantee: We supply you with agreement forms, separate family handbook guide and support material prior to the placement, plus follow up & one month FREE replacement guarantee for the extra peace of mind

7. Continued support throughout your au pair placement

And here is what we provide the au pairs to help them to settle in:

8. Welcome pack including au pair’s own handbook guide

9. Access to website for language school/”find a friend” search function (moderated by BAPAA)

10. Access to our own Smartaupairs Facebook page & group – our Facebook page is open for all au pairs; group on the other hand is a closed community, only including au pairs who have been placed by smartaupairs. Here, au pairs can chat to us, to each other, and more so, have access to smartaupairs own au pair listings and language school recommendations (based on feedback from au pairs/host families).

11. Follow up from our agency (both prior to and after arrival to UK).

12. Advice/support during the placement by smartaupairs.

13. 24h Emergency line (for families & au pairs)

14. Discounts to UK attractions/tours

We are also arranging an au pair get together in September.

If you are interested in reading what au pairs say about their au pair experience – have a look on our blog: Au pair experiences

Likewise, to read what other host families say about smartaupairs, see host family testimonials


Do you still need an au pair for autumn 2012?

We will add an extra £40 discount on your placement fee, if you start your search your search within the 26th and 31st of July 2012 in view of finding an au pair for autumn 2012 (to be confirmed by the 31st of August).

This offer cannot be combined with other offers/promotions.

For an overview of au pairs currently available, please see: au pairs available

We look forward to hearing from you!

Smartaupairs Team

0800 917 81 66