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New Programme - Demi-pair!
What is a demi - pair and how does it differ from a standard au pair??

A demi-pair is a full time student who helps the family with childcare/household duties for up to 20 hours/week (approximately 4 hours/day). The demi-pair receives no pocket money, just full board and the chance to enhance her/his language skills and experience life in the UK.

Most demi-pairs have pre-intermediate/fair language skills and all are eager to learn.

The demi-pairs are generally in language classes 2-5 times per week. Most classes are from 9-2.30 daily however there are also afternoon and evening classes in most locations. Language courses will be organised by the sending agency.

Due to the requirement to attend a language course, demi-pairs can only be placed locations where there is good availability of language courses.

NB: Driving in Korea is quite different from UK – extra driving lessons may be needed before demi-pair can drive in rush hour city traffic with confidence.

A short overview of the programme:

· Demi- pairs will study 15 – 25 hours per week.

· A demi au pair can help the family for up to 20 hours for free in exchange of full board and a family environment. Over 20 hours, the hourly rate must be paid of £6 per hour.

· The placement needs to be confirmed before enrolling any language school.

· Demi- pair wanting to stay longer than 6months, they will need to apply the ESVV in Korea. Our partnering agency in Korea arranges the visa, they are experienced in the market as they have been sending students to the UK for 3 years.

As an introductory offer, the demi au pair placement fee is reduced to our BRONZE fee - meaning, £315+vat for non-driver and £365+vat for a driver (offer valid until the 30. June.2012)


We already have three applicants for the programme. Below is an overview of
Julia, 21, South Korea

Childcare experience:

· babysitting 2 boys aged 1 and 5 (200 + hours)

· babysitting 2 boys, aged 1 and 3 (50 - 100 hours)

· volunteering in orphanage (50-100 hours)

· tutoring

· Responsibilities included: help with homework, light housework, simple cooking, reading, playing, bath time, bedtime, indoor and outdoor activities


Hobbies: swimming, walking, badminton, playing piano


Languages: Korean, English


First aid certificate

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