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Au Pair of the Year Award 2012
It is now that time of the year when we recognise the hard work, dedication and love that our wonderful au pairs put into their time with your families!
It is easy to forget that most have travelled hundreds of kilometres, leaving behind the familiarity of their homeland to spend time with you and your children.

The IAPA “Au Pair of the Year Award 2012″ is one way of giving au pairs the recognition and credit they deserve and it also enhances the public’s awareness of this demanding yet undervalued cultural experience. The eighth IAPA Au Pair of the Year Award will be presented during the IAPA Annual Conference and Work Experience Travel Market which will take place in Budapest, Hungary, March, 2012.

By entering the IAPA au pair of the year award, you will be automatically entered to our own "smartaupair of the year" award!

The prize for our award is a £250 voucher for a selected department store to be shared with your winning au pair. 
How Do I Nominate My Au Pair?

If your Au Pair has assisted you in 2011 and you wish to nominate him/her, we ask that you do the following: Write a short essay between 500-850 words (about 1 page), describing the characteristics that make your au pair exceptional. We will then forward your nomination to IAPA, where it will be judged by a selection panel comprised of IAPA Board members.

Entries must be received by Smartaupairs before 30 November 2011 The winning au pair, will be flown (all expenses paid) to the Association’s 18th Annual Conference where he/she will be presented with an award.

Ideas for the letter:
*Introduction to your family/au pair
*The moment you knew you had found the "right match"
*How has having an au pair made a difference in your family life?
*Specific qualities your au pair has that make her/him special?
*Possibly an example of a situation when your au pair has gone the extra mile?

Please send your nomination to

If you would like to see one of our favourite ‘au pair of the year awards’ click here, we find this video from the USA program truly inspiring: 

You Tube
For photos & comments from the 2011 IAPA conference and au pair of the year awards, follow the link to our blog. Please take the time to recognise your au pair’s hard work and nominate them for this wonderful award!

***The information from the nominations may be used for marketing purposes for Smartaupairs while fully respecting the family/au pair privacy.