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We were delighted for all the support and feedback we received as part of our recent survey.

Please see below for some of the testimonials:

"I am extremely impressed both with the service offered and with my au pair. Not only is she fantastic with my children, she is also lots of fun to have around. It feels as if she has always been part of our family. I will miss her when she has to return home." Clare, Surrey

I want to say a big thank you to both of you for finding me good aupairs and supporting me throughout. My experience with both of my aupairs has been great. My current au-pair Gesa is leaving in early April and we are really going to miss her. " Seema, Longfield                                                                                      

"The Smart au pair service has been great throughout. I know four families who have used Smart Au Pairs and none of us have been disappointed!" Name Withheld                                                                                                

"Smart Au Pairs is a very professional and reliable agency that made me feel secure and confident about taking on an au pair for the first time. I would highly recommend their services to anyone." Victoria, London
"The service I have received from Smart Au Pairs has been excellent. The well thought out information and attention to detail has made Smart Au Pairs stand head and shoulders above any other au pair agency I have ever dealt with." Jenny, Surrey                                                                                                        

"We've had au pairs for a number of years but this was the first year I'd used Smart Au Pairs, having been let down by my previous agency. We're delighted with our au pair and I found Smart Au Pairs very efficient and helpful with a broad range of potential au pairs to choose from - I will be using you again. " Wendy, East Finchley                                                                                                            

"I've had a lot of au pairs before but this is the first time I've used Smart Au Pairs and Alex, our au pair is one of the best au pairs we have had." Kate, Salisbury

"I am sorry I did not use your agency before as it would have made everything so much clearer for the girls who came to us and their expectations on what was ahead of them would have been managed. 

You are very organised and professional and really provide so much information for both the girls and the families." Cliona, London

"We are delighted with our au pair and I am pleased to learn she is happy with us. We just need to help her find some dance classes! We have enrolled her on an English course.


I have been very impressed with the agency and it was nice to accompany our au pair to London on Saturday for the induction session (her first visit to the city). We also appreciate the packs you sent out. She was very pleased with the handbook and other information which I think was very well put together.


She was pleased with the links recommended on the induction session.


Thank you again" Best wishes

Chiquita, Gloucestershire


All of our customers rated our website and written information excellent or good. Our verbal communications were rated excellent or good by 97% of our customers.

94% of our customers are highly likely to use our service again & recommend us to their friends.*

Feedback from Families:

"I am writing to let you know how much we all love our au pair.  She is super sweet and really fantastic with the boys.  She seems to be settling in very well and has already met some other local aupairs she is becoming  friends with and enrolled at an english school. 

I am grateful to find her at short notice, so thank you." Host family,  Middlesex

“Thanks for all your help in getting our lives organised... Good au-pairs are mother's saviour!
Denise”  Host Mum in London

We received this lovely feedback from Frederique, host family in London about Jessie, her Dutch au pair:

"Hi Nicole – Actually I  kept meaning to email you to wish you a Happy New year and let you know that  things are going fantastically well with Jessie. She is such a sweetheart and is  the best au pair we have ever had -  and being forever the optimist, I am  already worrying about the next one not being as  good!” With Kind Regards Frederique

“I was anxious, as a lone parent, as to how I would adapt to live-in help. But within weeks of our au-pair joining us friends and family have commented on how much happier we seem as a family. Help with the children and in the house has made such a positive difference to my life and as a result my children’s.” Name Withheld,Host Family

“I wanted to say how delighted we have been with the service provided by SmartAupairs, from the search to the handbook to the welcome pack and other little touches.
“We are also thrilled with the wonderful girl who has joined our family. She is everything we hoped she would be. Thanks so much.” Host Mum Suzie

"Jennie is leaving us tomorrow and I just wanted to say that she has been a HUGE success, thank you very much.
The last 4 weeks would not have been possible without her help as I had very big jobs on and we have been packing to move house. She came into our home when things were upside-down, I was preoccupied with work and was able to give her little guidance, and she took it all in her stride and just got on with everything, mastered public transport and just cracked on with life.
The children loved her immediately and are really sad that she is leaving, and my husband has voted her 'best au pair ever' (well, that includes our lovely Polish Aga who has helped us for years!) So thank you, it has been great having her and we are sad that it is not her staying in Sep, but we have high hopes for Elisa and look forward to seeing her"Thanks Beth xxx

“Thank you for the folders which I received yesterday for both myself and Kate. I have to say the professionalism with which this has been dealt is fantastic and I want to thank you all for your hard work and commitment to ensuring that this au pair placement goes well.” Kind Regards Samantha

"This was an extremely quick and effective process, thank you." Lennon Family, Tunbridge Wells

Feedback from our Au Pairs:

“I signed up for Smart Au Pairs, and I got a call the same evening by Someone that spoke my own language! She helped me with my profile. And she found me a very nice family. I’ve been here for 2 months now, and I am really happy!” Adrienne – the Netherlands

“Dear Nicole,
Thank you for all you have done for me especially for calling the embassy to vouch for me.I was relieved when I got the visa.
And I would also like to thank you for all the information you've been sending me.” With kind regards Ivana

“Hi Nicole, It is really nice to see something from the country and I met a lot of new people in Cambridge. I met a Norwegian and a Czech au pair too and they were really nice I enjoyed the trip very much. I go to the English classes twice a week and I like it too. The teacher is really nice. I will go shopping tomorrow morning. I like the fashion here.“Thank you for everything. Britta from Germany

“Thanks for your work and your interest for me. I am really satisfied with your agency and with my Scottish family too. I wish you nice day...”Many thanks Maria from Slovakia

 “I had a great time and learned a lot. I’m glad, that I was brave enough to do it.Thanks to the Smart Au Pairs team!”  Anna from Germany

“I am happy I found this agency when i decided to be an au pair because everybody does their job.......all the girls I been talking with are so nice, helpfull, honest and trustfull!! I must say I felt more confident to come to England through this agency.....i felt like protected.....I m sure I couldn t make it alone! Being au pair is exciteing is all the time something new.....but it s hard and not all the time nice moments.....but being a bit lucky and with some help it turns into a great experience!

I will never regret I came here, I changed myself a lot...I met new people, I have new friends, i saw lots of wonderfull places and for all of that I must say thank you to the agency.....the first step is always the hardest!!!!
Thank you for everything you done for me and keep going because you are good!!!” Laura from Romania

“I wish to thank all members of Smart Au Pairs, especially Nicole Kofin, for your kindness an great support. I was really happy to have such a friendly and organized agency.” Angelina from Germany

“I was very happy with the family and I would like to thank you for your help. It was a great experience!”  Josephine from Germany
“The au pair adventure is a beautiful experience which brings you a lot and makes you grow up. I loved living with an English family and discovering their culture. There are tough moments that I think you can’t avoid, like feeling homesick and lonely ; however knowing that you have the support of smartaupairs and that you can talk to them if anything is wrong is reassuring. It helped me a lot to know that I went to England thanks to an agency which really cares about the people they help.Thanks Smart Au Pairs.”
 Fanny M. from France


I'm happy to have found this family. Thank you very much for your help and your patience! You're a very serious agency; I'll surely speak good of you! Have a nice week end! Barbara from Italy

Hey! So far I really love to be here! The UK is wonderful (as far as I got to know it..) and I think I couldn't have found afamily where I would be happier. Well, thanks to you as you "gave" me this family! And I love the people here in general, so much nicer and friendlier than I am used to, I really enjoy living here and I'm looking forward to doing some certain things I have planned for the next months in the UK. I hope you are well!! Annika from Germany

"Hello Tuuli! My host family could not be better, I like them very much//Today I got my first language lesson at Waltham Forest College and I will be accompanied by another German au pair who lives in south Woodford, too and with who I spent every weekend until now with meeting up with friends or going to concerts/clubs. I already met lots of other au pairs, some of them I already knew beforehand, others (German and Swedish) I got to know trough your meeting at euro centres! I feel really lucky with having settled in so quickly and London definitely turned out to be gorgeous-as expected! Best regards and have a nice week!" Anna-Marie, Germany


"Dear Tuuili, Thank you for your message.

I really, really enjoy my stay at the family.

My host parents are great and very friendly...and I love their children!

So this family was definitely the right choice!

I am really lucky that my agency sent my application to you.

In the opposite to many agencies (to my agency, too) are you always interested how  the relationship between my host family and me is going on.

And I recognised that you really care about all these things and try to be as available as possible for both sides.

Thank you for this!" Kind regards, Nina