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TUTOR AU PAIR explained

In addition to our regular au pair program, we have found that there are more and more families who are looking for that little bit ‘extra’ and when only the very best candidates will do, we need to look at slightly different options to the regular au pair role.

We have designed a live-in tutoring program due to popular demand from families who need an educated young person who is willing and able to take on more responsibility and really interact with your children and help them with home work and contribute towards their learning requirements.

It is an ideal role for a someone with an interest in a teaching career.

For this program we are selecting applicants who fit the following criteria:

  • Minimum commitment 6 months (ideally 9-12)
  • 21+
  • Flexible about location
  • Good/excellent English
  • Experience or qualification in teaching, tutoring or home-work support

 We will be able to place them with families who are

  • Looking for help with school aged children
  • Allocating tasks directly related to children only and with focus on education & development
  • Allocating tasks like a nanny but for older children, such as; planning + preparation/tidy up after meals, preparation of school bags/uniforms/sports-kit, laundry for children, tidy children’s rooms, transport to/from school, transport to/from children’s activities, planning/organising activities for the children, help with homework revision
  • During school holidays – more hours, more activities for the children (extra pay)
  • Able to give access to local language classes or other studies such as teacher training, Vocational childcare qualification
  • Wiling to give 2 weeks paid holiday for every 6 months worked
  • Extra pay for extra hours and ‘other tasks’ such as additional cleaning, laundry for parents, additional babysitting may be agreed.

Pocket money is minimum £100 per week for 25 hours (tutor) + 2 evenings babysitting, which still means you are under the level for Tax/NI contributions, so the paperwork remains simple!

Placement fee £675/£775 for driver. For more information about the placement fees, please see our fees page.

Please call us today to discuss your search for a tutor or register online today.

Definition of a tutor according to

  • be a tutor to someone; give individual instruction; "She tutored me in Spanish"
  • coach: a person who gives private instruction (as in singing, acting, etc.)
  • act as a guardian to someone