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Nicole Kofkin on BAPAA Board

The British Au Pair Agency Association (BAPAA) has asked Nicole Kofkin to join the board and the invitation was made official with an appointment during the AGM on 8 November.


Smartaupairs is proud to be a member of the Trade Association for au pairs and is now looking forward to contribute to enhancing standards for the industry.


On her appointment to the board of BAPAA, Nicole Kofkin comments;


All of the host families really appreciate that we are members of BAPAA, they are looking for quality and security and this is why families come to a trusted agency. Smart families are very aware of the risks of using the internet or an unregulated agency to recruit au pairs.


I believe BAPAA has a fundamental role in taking the au pair experience forward. It is an exciting time with new opportunities and lots to learn. BAPAA is working with ECAPS to achieve pan-European standards for the au pair experience, making sure it is valued as a real cultural exchange program. Other countries, like the Netherlands, have already implemented the ECAPS standards and are working closely with the Dutch immigration and visa authorities. Their efforts mean that Dutch families are able to host au pairs from a much wider range than families in Britain, for example a Brazilian au pair or au pair from Sri Lanka.


Sharing knowledge and ideas with other members is equally vital. As a strong network of experts, you are able to face future challenges and turn them into opportunities. Au pairs are not always aware of the risks of finding you own host family. If you are placed by a BAPAA agent you will have access to a 24 hour helpline, an excursion program, a online ‘find a friend’ website for au pairs and much more. We need to make sure the benefits are communicated to all prospective au pairs.


And the future of the British Au Pair Agency Association?


The au pair experience is a fantastic opportunity for intelligent and ambitious young people to broaden their horizons. Who knows, in the next few years more countries may join the au pairs scheme, from further afield possibly.