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At smartaupairs we are used to linguists and take it for granted that anybody that we work with as an agent speaks at least one foreign language. However, here is another example how learning languages can be a real passion. Andrea speaks 5 languages and when we first found out about her we were amazed.

Her continued close links with Romania and her first hand experience as a Romanian living in Britain inspired her to create a website

Combined with the BAPAA membership which gives Smartaupairs a first update regarding the latest Home Office updates for au pairs from Romania, she is a welcome new member to our agency network.

A year as an au pair is a great way for a young Romanian person to come to Britain and learn good English, whilst in family accommodation and earning money. This is such a fantastic opportunity; we expect a high number of very smart Romanian au pairs.

This is how Andreea introduces herself:

Andreea Kietzmann

·  Name: Andreea Bostan Kietzmann

·  Country of Birth: Romania

·  Current Residence: Bournemouth, Dorset

·  Marital Status: Married

·  Occupation: Professional Translator

·  Hobbies: Shoes, fashion, travel and foreign languages

·  Other Notes: Smoker

I was born in 1979 in Galati, Romania. I've done a BA in Foreign Languages in Bucharest and a Master of Science in Bournemouth. I can speak a total of 5 languages fluently including Romanian, French and Italian and the list is still growing. I love foreign languages and pick them up easily. I learned to speak Italian just from watching TV. I now run a translation agency called Bostico International which is doing very well.

I was an only child and as a result, I have been spoiled all my life, first by my parents and relatives and then by my lovely husband. I don't like heavy drinking and think that there is much more to life than spending it in blurriness. I drive everyone crazy (my husband is the one who suffers the most) with my shoe collection which currently counts about 50 pairs. I love travelling and every time I get the chance I just pack and go.

2009 NOTE: we now use only specialist Agencies based in the country of origin of the au pair to recruit, select and prepare au pairs for our program.