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Smartaupairs is proud to join BAPAA

Smartaupairs decided to join BAPAA, the British Au Pair Agency Association because it feels that membership offers a multitude of benefits to all parties involved.

Au pairs will possibly have the greatest benefits from using a reputable agency, ensuring your experience will be safe and fair. The chance to earn and learn as an au pair can be a truly great and memorable and many families offer the warmest welcome. However, sometimes, even with the best planning and preparation, you may need some help from an agency. Agencies make sure that the families understand the au pair experience and support their au pair accordingly. Au pairs who use a BAPAA agency can rely on the experience and professional help from their agency before and during their time in Britain. As an extra bonus, BAPAA also organises several events during the year where au pairs get together and there is a safe community website where au pairs can contact each other to meet up and share experiences.

Families considering hosting an au pair are generally educated, busy parents looking to benefit from Cultural Childcare. Families open their home to a young person who is willing to help with the children in exchange for the opportunity to learn English in an effective and efficient manner. Finding the right person to look after your children can be extremely time consuming and even worrying, especially as some of the candidates may not be fluent in English yet. The internet may look like a ‘quick fix’ but even experienced host families appreciate the help from a BAPAA agency to make sure the references and police check are in place and a first interview has been conducted. It makes for well informed prospective au pairs and means that the selection process is made much easier and safer. The ongoing support from the agency with advice and guidance also ensures a high success rate.

And finally, there are the benefits for the Agency. We feel it is good to be part of an International Trade Organisation that has a voice with the Home Office. We already worked to the high standards required by BAPAA so it made sense to have this confirmed through membership. And in addition to all this, it is great to share knowledge, trends and innovations, learn from each other and support each other as colleagues in an Industry that is based on people and passion. We hope that BAPAA will continue to re-assure families and au pairs with high service levels and with benefits that will be ‘only with BAPAA agencies’.