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Au Pairs & Driving
Au Pairs and Driving

Many of our au pair applicants have a driving license and are also happy to drive as part of their au pair role in the UK.

If you are considering a driving au pair - here are a couple of key factors to consider:

Assessing Driving Ability

When a driving au pair is requested – our agency specifically selects applicants who have confirmed to be confident/safe drivers in their home countries during their interviews. We are however unable to assess the au pair’s driving ability in practise.

With this in mind, and considering that most au pairs have never driven on the left hand side of the road, initial practise is always needed to allow the au pair to adjust driving in in the UK.

We ask host families to provide a couple of driving lessons/supervise au pair driving before allowing them to drive independently and especially before driving the children.

It may take from as little as a couple of days to 2-3 weeks for an au pair to fully adjust to driving in the UK.

We supply all our au pairs with a comprehensive au pair guide which also includes a section about driving, links to all relevant Highway code sections, and information about general safety as a driver/pedestrian.
Au pairs can therefore start familiarising themselves with UK driving laws and practises even before they arrive.

Cost of Insuring an Au Pair

As a host family you are responsible for all costs associated with the au pair driving your car.

You should provide a safe & suitable vehicle for the au pair’s use. Many families offer their au pair a smaller “run-around” car to manage the insurance cost.

We strongly advise to check the cost of insurance prior to offering the role to an applicant. 

Considering the young age of au pairs – the insurance cost is also often relatively high. Calling up a couple of alternative companies can be helpful in getting a comparative quote. Most au pairs are aged 18-20.

Should you require an au pair who is 21+ and drives, we advise to allow as long as possible lead time for your au pair search, to ensure availability. Older driving applicants are very popular and are often placed months before their actual intended start date.

Use of Car

By prior arrangement, you may agree for your au pair to use the car for personal journeys.

We advise to agree on the limits on personal usage in advance - including agreeing upon who covers the fuel costs. 

In Case of an Accident

In the event of damage being caused to the car whilst the au pair is driving, all repair costs/insurance excess costs should be covered by the host family. The au pair should not be asked to contribute.

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Australian Au Pairs and Driving

The great thing about our Aussie au pairs is the fact that they drive on the same side of the road - so there is less to get used to in the beginning of their stay.

There are however a few extra points to keep in mind when considering an Aussie driver.

- Australian au pairs need to apply for an international drivers license. You can find more information here.

- Australian au pairs may have a P1 (provisional 1), P2 (provisional 2) or a full license. Read more here about the classifications.

All of the 3 types of licenses allow the au pair to drive independently. However it can sometimes be confusing for the insurance companies  to be faced by a "provisional license".

It is therefore important to recognize that UK provisional and Australian provisional are not the same - in the UK.

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