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What is an au pair? Video & Checklist

Smartaupairs has teamed up with Vicki Scott, a smartaupairs host mum and childcare professional, to bring you handy, insightful series of videos about the au pair programme.

Today’s video covers the basics – explaining the essence of the au pair programme. Continue reading for a handy checklist.

Vicki's introduction

What exactly is an au pair?

It is a cultural exchange program - a form of live in childcare.

Au pair helps your family with childcare and light household duties for up to 35h/week and in return, is provided with full board and weekly pocket money (avg. £70-£100)

It’s a great opportunity for your au pair to experience England and for you to enjoy affordable help!

What can I ask the au pair to do?

Duties will vary by family, but most families expect the following to be part of the au pair’s duties.

The balance of the au pair position should generally be on childcare, rather than household duties.

  • Wake the children in the morning and get them ready
  • Help the children to tidy their rooms and make their beds
  • Prepare breakfast and lunch for the children
  • Clean up breakfast dishes
  • Make sure children have books and homework for school
  • Drive children to/from school (if needed)
  • Tasks while children are at school: shopping, light housework
  • Prepare a healthy afternoon snack
  • Assist the children with their homework, initiate and supervise play
  • Help the children with their bath routine and help get them ready for bed

Prior to the arrival of the au pair we recommend preparing a detailed handbook, for which we provide a template.

The handbook outlines jobs and basic house rules so that expectations are clear and the au pair has a fair chance of not only meeting but exceeding your expectations.

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