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February News - Expert Videos and Forum for Host Families!
Advice from other host parents can help a long way in managing an au pair placement.

This is why we are introducing expert videos (by a host mum!) & a platform for host mums and dads to talk to each other!

Continue reading to see what we have in store for you in the coming months!


We are excited to introduce childcare expert videos by Vicki Scott.

Vicki is a registered nursery nurse, a midwife and more so, she is a mum to two girls and an experienced host mum to au pairs!

Now is your chance to ask Vicki questions – Please send us any questions related to hosting an au pair that you would like to be covered in the videos.

We will be covering a series of commonly asked questions which are aimed to help you and other host mums and dads to have a successful au pair experience.

The questions can be anything from managing the day to day routine with the au pair to solving some of the more tricky questions such as…

How do I prepare the children for the au pair arrival/changeover from my previous nanny/au pair?

My au pair does not seem to have a lot of authority and the children often run rings around her/him? How should I go about this?

Smart Mums & Dads UK Facebook Group

How about chatting to other host families directly…?

Smartaupairs has a busy au pair group on Facebook whereby au pairs can chat, find friends, language course information & travel discounts.

One of our host mums noted in our recent survey how great it would be to have a group also for the host families – and we agree!

Smart Mums & Dads UK would provide a platform for parents to simply ask/share advice on not only on the au pair programme but it can also be used to share other tips and tricks to make life easier. E.g. things to do/make/play with the kids, simple but impressive looking food, fashion…

We are also really keen to hear what YOU offer. If you run your own business, you can feature your product/service and explain how other parents can benefit; maybe a special offer or a tip or two to share….? We talk to so many business owners; from luxury hotels, photography, children’s clothing and catering services. What if, we could bring you together somehow!?

Be part of the group and share some ‘smart stuff’ – the new group can be found here.

This would be a closed group and your postings/questions would therefore not be viewable for the wider public.

We also run a public smartaupairs Facebook page where we share interesting/useful news articles both for families and au pairs.