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NEW Native Speakers (+ Special offer) & Experienced Candidates!

The January 2013 candidate intake has now started!

As we often find, the most organized and motivated candidates apply for the programme months in advance, so if you are due to change your au pair in January-February time, now would be a good time to start interviewing.

Native Speaker Early Bird Offer – As an extra incentive, the fee for a selection of Australian candidates (2013 applications) is discounted to a GOLD fee (£495-595+VAT) for the month of October.

Below is a snapshot overview of some of the stand out candidates we currently have on our books:

***Mandy, Dutch, 21 years, excellent English, available in January 2013 for 12 months

Mandy’s recent childcare experience includes: work experience in a day care centre, children aged 0 - 4 years (for 10 months); internship in kindergarten, children aged 2 - 4 (for 10 months, 3 days a week); internship in Germany, work with disabled people (for 2-3 weeks).

She has a degree in social pedagogy.

Mandy also has 2 sisters (19 & 7)

Video Introduction:


***Samantha, Australian, 20 (in November) available in February for 10 months

Samantha’s recent childcare experience includes: babysitting a boy aged 3 for 3 years and babysitting a girl aged 3 for 2 years. Her responsibilities included: Nappy change, help with homework, light housework, simple cooking, reading, playing, bath time, bedtime, indoor and outdoor activities.

Samantha also has a driving license and a first aid certificate.

She also has sibling experience (she is one of five girls).

In her own words: "If an adult were to describe me they would use adjectives like ‘mature’, ‘responsible’ and ‘together’. If a child were to describe me they would say I’m ‘fun’, ‘adventurous’ and ‘a giant purple dinosaur!"


***Kelsea, Australian, 19 years, driver, available in January for 7-10 months

She is currently looking after a 1.5 year old boy and a 4 month old baby on a weekly basis. Before this, she was babysitting a 6 year old girl. Her responsibilities include: nappy change, playing, reading, homework help, bath time, bedtime, food shopping, cooking, bottle/spoon feeding, outings, tidying up, school pick up.

She also has a driving licence and a first aid certificate.

Kelsea is flexible regarding her host family location – she grew up on a deer farm with a big family (23 cousins)!

She is very sporty and independent – moved away from home at the age of 17 so already has experience of living away from home.

***Anne, German, 23 years, available in February for 12 months

Her recent childcare experience includes: internship in kindergarten, day care centre, nursery school, holiday clubs, after school clubs; being a group leader of swimming group, 15 children aged 3 -4 (since 2010); tutoring and babysitting a girl aged 12 (since March 2012)

Anne also has one sister of her own.

Anne does have a driving license but does not drive in Germany so would like to have lessons before driving in the UK. She also has a first aid certificate.

Looking for an au pair to start BEFORE 2013?

There are still many excellent candidates who can start between now and December as well.

***Marta, Polish, 22 years, good English, daily driver, available straight away for 6 – 7 months

Marta's recent childcare experience includes: babysitting/nanny in Warsaw for 6 months, 7, 2 years old and 3 months old baby; babysitting 10, 8 and 6 years old children (from May'12); internship in kindergarten; teacher's assistant in kindergarten, 9 children, 4 years old (at present); taking care of her nephews and a niece.

She has 3 older siblings.

She also has a camp councillor certificate & preschool pedagogy and teaching children with disabilities university diploma/degree.

Would you be interested in talking to any of the above or other candidates in our selection?

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Our team is experienced in helping both new and experienced host families.

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