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Excellent SPANISH Au Pairs Available Now!
Have you ever thought about introducing your children to a new language? Spanish au pairs are among one of the most in-demand nationalities - perhaps, due to the fact that Spanish are known to have a very open and warm disposition, a quality needed in any childcare role!

Spanish au pairs are also generally looking for a long term commitment (10-12 months) which would ensure continuity in childcare.

Below is an overview of two of the Spanish applicants we have available at the moment.

Claudia, 19 years old

Recent childcare experience: babysitting children aged 5 - 10 (for 4 years); babysitting a boy, aged 8 (for 1 year) Responsibilities included: help with homework, light housework, simple cooking, and reading, playing, bath time, bedtime, indoor and outdoor activities

Hobbies: music, shopping, meeting friends/family, sports

Languages: English, Spanish

Claudia has 2 younger sisters (14 & 16)

Claudia is available from September for 10-11 months.

Claudia would like to be an au pair to improve her English, because she likes children and would love to get to know the British culture. She feels that she will be a good au pair as she is responsible, likes to spend time with children and is very careful with them. After the au pair experience she would like to go to university. Her level of English is fair. Introduction video:


Alba, 19 years

Alba has one sister (14)

Hobbies: painting, signing, football, tennis - she also likes cooking!

She has babysitting experience:

Role 1: children aged 2 & 7

Role 2: children aged 9 & 11(special needs)

During Alba’s interview with Smartaupairs, she confirmed her availability from September for 12 months. She would like to be an au pair because she loves children and would like to improve her English. She is very creative, responsible and sporty. After the au pair experience Alba would like to go to university. Her level of English is basic to fair.

Introduction video:

Interested in talking to Claudia, Alba or any of the other Spanish au pair applicants? Get in touch with our smartaupairs office, and we can help you put in touch with the au pairs.

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